What a Waste

Unemployment, underemployment, college loans, sky-high tuition … we hear these phrases every day. We hear various schemes, stories, and political fairy tales about solving these problems.

In America and throughout the world, there is a situation that is unique in global history. There is an enormous amount of untapped human capital. To begin to fathom how big a number we are discussing consider the following … Currently in the United States there is over one trillion dollars of outstanding student debt. Yes, one trillion dollars. That amount represents only a small percentage of the total amount that is invested in education.

What did all of that education money buy? A tremendous amount of under-recruited brain (human) capital.

Think about the trillions of dollars in capital waiting to be had just by asking. There are two basic ways you can access that capital; one is to start your own business and take advantage of your personally invested capital. The second is to expand your existing business by hiring high quality people at reasonable prices. Either way you take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime while doing a world of good.

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