Margo Conant, Ph. D.

Dr. Margo Conant is a certified Myers-Briggs psychologist, as well as a seasoned marketing and communications professional. She’s successfully led the development, implementation, and analysis of integrated marketing programs for large consumer package goods brands (e.g., Philip Morris) as well as well-known insurance companies (e.g., Allstate, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida). While Margo is well versed in the synergies inherent in integrated communications, her focus is on understanding the motivations of individual consumers as purchasers – and the need for brands to meet rational as well as emotional consumer needs.

In addition to her experience with external marketing communications, Margo sees the internal working environment of any organization as critical to ultimate success. Therefore, Margo has utilizied her background in psychology to foster the development of high performing teams, across a variety of leadership levels among corporate clients as well as within advertising agencies. Her approach to enhancing team performance is to ensure that each team member is valued, ‘heard’ and integrated into the team’s mission. The result is enhanced team collaboration, productivity, and success.

Margo’s had the privilege of working for an enviable roster of agencies including Cunningham & Walsh, Ogilvy & Mather, Leo Burnett, and Draft FC B. And in addition to Philip Morris, Allstate and Blue Cross Blue Shielf Florida, her client engagements have included Availity LLC, Omnicom, Priceline, Safecard / Ideon, and St. John & Partners.

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