Step Down Your Debt


The sole purpose of writing this program was to provide concise, effective guidance on how to gain control of your money. Because you are reading this book, you believe that you can manage your money more effectively and you’re right! We can show you how! A basic understanding of some concepts and their implications to you will change the way you look at buying things and services. You will see the value of forgoing numerous impulse purchases and, instead, waiting a short period of time to buy the best you CAN afford.

Introducing you to the concepts of saving and spending are the primary purposes of this guide. It is beyond the scope of Step Down Your Debt to explain all of the idiosyncrasies of car loans versus leases or 401K loans versus mortgages. We believe, however, that these topics are discussed in sufficient detail so that you will know the proper questions to ask at the bank or your personnel department.

The workbook format was chosen to remind you that this is supposed to be on your table, desk, work-surface, or wherever you do your reading. You can and should refer to this book continuously during your debt pay-down period. Use it to update your records and goals and to chart your progress it helps! This constant source of ideas should quickly become tattered and torn. This is a very powerful tool; use it as often as possible and you will succeed!

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